Tips To Plan Your Wedding Cocktail Party

Cocktail party has its own tradition and if it is a wedding party, then you should know some basic tips of arranging it. Time has changed, now couples are arranging their wedding on their own and cocktail has earned an important place in the wedding list. Couples are not leaving any area to show their love between them, there is a scene of traditional and modern type of arrangement in all aspects.

Cocktail party is like a trend and this offers a lot of open space and area to enjoy than a normal sit and dine party. From amazing drinks to delicious snacks, this party is perfect to entertain your guests. A bar is the major attraction of this party, and mobile bar hire service will come handy here.

Not only for your wedding, but for your hen night too, you can arrange for a cocktail party. To make your party enjoyable, along with entertainer you can hire hens night bartender from Melbourne too.

Arranging a successful wedding cocktail party

Guest lists and invitations:

This is the very first step as you have to know how many people you are inviting because arrangements depend on it. Discuss with your family and make a guest list and send them at least 2 weeks before the party. Once you have made the guest list then arrange the alcohol and food. Do not waste much money; make a budget and wisely select your guest list. In the invitation card write it clearly that it will be a cocktail party with drinks and appetizers. Guest should know that this party will be different from a normal sit and dine reception.

Cocktail time:

Make the bar look good and fill up it with adequate amount of drinks and there should be all kinds of drinks – from light to hard. Variety of drinks will suit the taste of various types of people. There is a standard amount for making cocktail, ask the head bartender whom you will hire for the evening. Mixture should be good and the bartenders should be experience.


There should be variety of foods as everyone has different choices. Make the food handy and of small sized so that people do not have to sit at any place to eat. Finger foods will help them to roam anywhere in the venue and enjoy the party. Chicken, mushrooms, cakes and any type of bread preparation will be the best choice. Ask your caterer to make the best snacks and there should be vegetarian snacks also. Arrange enough appetizer and drinks for the guests; as it is a cocktail party, the consuming quantity will be higher.


This is an important area of the party, venue should be at a popular place and easily reachable. It will make the guest comfortable to go there and return. Choose an attractive theme and decorate the place to satisfy the guests.